The best program to quit smoking for life in 30 days

The first 10 days before quitting. Well prepared for success.
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Day 1
  • Socializing, relaxation, enjoyment
    Why do we believe we like smoking?
  • What bugs you about smoking?
Day 2
  • What type of smoker are you?
  • Test how dependent you are on nicotine.
  • How does nicotine change the reward center in your brain?
Day 3
  • The money calculator: Calculate how much money smoking has and will continue to costs you.
  • The lifetime calculator: Calculate the true costs of smoking.
Day 4
  • Test your smoking behavior. How to avoid later relapses.
Day 5
  • Eliminate negative thoughts about quitting.
  • What troubles you the most about the thought of quitting? Only your fears limit your freedom!
  • What can you learn from your last attempt to quit?
Day 6
  • Be successful: List the reasons why you want to quit.
  • How you can set the best time to quit.
  • The first Hypnosis: Strengthen your unconscious wishes.
Day 7
  • Beauty and other trivialities. Motivate yourself with attractive treats.
  • Info: healthy skin, better gums, stable bones and better sexual function. The facts.
Day 8
  • Health motivates you to quit.
  • Reap the benefits of quitting.
Day 9
  • Test your motivation if you are really ready to quit.
  • Test your mood and see improved result after 20 days.
  • Test your breathing and test how you get fitter every day.
Day 10
  • What have you planned for your first smoke-free day?
  • Learn what you should do first after smoking your last cigarette
  • The second Hypnosis: Prepare for your last cigarette.
Remain a non-smoker. 20 days of support.
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Day 11
  • Watch how nicotine and carbon monoxide is reduced in your body.
  • What has already improved in the way your body functions?
  • Coffee and the desire to smoke.
Day 12
  • Understand the withdrawal symptoms correctly.
  • Success statistics: Here you can monitor your success in a systematic way and how the urge to smoke decreases.
  • Cope better with the withdrawal symptom of constipation.
Day 13
  • How to avoid lapses and relapses.
  • Agitated? Which nutrients support your nerves best?
  • The third Hypnosis: Concentrate your energy on your goals.
Day 14
  • Training: Relapses and how to cope with them to remain a non-smoker.
  • The second mood test.
  • The withdrawal symptom of restless sleep.
    What can you do about it?
Day 15
  • Training for success: Cope with cravings successfully.
  • The TDS rule.
  • How drinking water reduces the desire to smoke
Day 16
  • The first anti-lapse training.
    Critical situations and how you can cope.
  • Alcohol – Which drinks are linked to cigarettes for you?
Day 17
  • The 10 best sentences against cravings.
  • The emergency card and the Hotline.
  • Feeling hungry and weight gain. Daily advise how you can easily keep your current weight.
  • The practical shopping list.
Day 18
  • How breathing can help you to cope with cravings.
  • New habits to reward yourself.
  • The fourth Hypnosis: Activate your subconscious powers. The self-hypnosis unit for this week.
Day 19
  • Smell good again. Advice against the desire to smoke.
  • The second stair test: See how your breathing has improved.
  • What causes the desire to eat sweets?
  • Why do sweets maintain the addiction?
Day 20
  • How more exercise reduces the craving for nicotine
  • How more protein keeps you slim, feeling full and enhances your mood.
  • Recipes: Protein shakes
Day 21
  • The second training exercise against lapse. Train yourself against smoking traps and critical situations.
  • Smoking does not keep you slim. Why do you put on weight because you were a smoker?
Day 22
  • The drug cartel. The facts. Don't be taken for a ride any longer.
  • Stay slim and better focused with protein.
  • The purchasing guide for protein
Day 23
  • Smoking and stress.
  • How you can reduce unnecessary stress.
  • Stay slim with fast food.
  • Less stress cooking.
Day 24
  • Your experience is your strength. Evaluate your success strategies.
  • Your calorie comparison – remain slim without sacrifice.
Day 25
  • The biochemistry of happiness: Be slimmer and happier with light exercise
  • How sweets make you hungrier and increase the urge to smoke.
Day 26
  • Get rid of the brainwashing—“unlearn” key triggers.
  • This is the only way you will remain smokefree in the coming months.
  • How to avoid hidden fats. Advice for meat eaters.
Day 27
  • "Habits" – The six key triggers which make you want to smoke.
  • Sweeteners – how many calories you can save.
  • Sweetener shopping guide – The differences.
Day 28
  • Test how your mood has improved.
  • Test how your breathing has improved: The 3rd stair test.
  • How to stay slim in the coming weeks: The best advice.
Day 29
  • No sacrifices—take a look at your previous smoke-filled life.
  • Remain healthy also in the future: Potent nutrients help you ward off cancer.
Day 30
  • Test: Let yourself be motivated by the positive changes you have made.
  • Evaluate the program.
  • Eliminate the damage from smoking with powerful anticancer nutrients.