How successful is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is undoubtedly one of the most successful strategies in quitting smoking. Scientific studies show that, using hypnosis, up to 48% are smoke-free after 12 months. That is more than twice the number compared to the best alternative therapeutic approaches.

How does hypnosis work?

In your subconscious, the desire to quit has been there for a long time: to quit, to live longer, and to be free. As long as you smoke, these survival instincts are deeply repressed in your subconscious. But they are there. And waiting only to be activated. The subconscious mind is stronger than any addiction. When you allow access to this area via hypnosis, these skills and powers are set free. In your subconscious, you know already what is good for you. And then your true desire works on autopilot—coming from inside, making quitting easy.

Why is hypnosis supplementary support?

Hypnosis is the perfect addition to the other parts of the program that help you on a more rational level to see through the nicotine trap and support you with practical advice.

Why four different hypnosis parts?

Before quitting, smokers are torn between whether they will manage to quit this time, whether they will “miss” something, or whether “now” is the right time. The deep feeling of truly doing what is right for you: This is the most crucial thing when quitting. Here hypnosis helps you. After quitting, the addicted brain wants to make itself heard every day. Here it is essential to continue to have free access to your subconscious desires to remain a nonsmoker. Some hypnosis programs are therefore designed especially for the period immediately after you quit. With the CD, you can deepen the hypnosis at home even after quitting and gain strength and serenity from your unconscious. Because only you can deepen the suggestive powers within you.

Can I be hypnotized?

Every day you find yourself in the realms of the subconscious, when you are dreaming or in the morning between dreaming and waking. Anyone who wants to listen inside him- or herself can be hypnotized. And isn’t it true that through “listening inside yourself,” you have always found the most pertinent answers in life? Once you have the answers, then you can follow the right path.

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