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The successful online quitsmoking seminar

You finally want to break away from cigarettes?
Or maybe you just are thinking about it
and you´re still not sure if you really want to stop.
The program www.My30DayQuitSmokingCoach.com gives you the support you need.
10 days before you quit and 20 days after quitting..

In 10 days you are prepared for success.
Simply continue smoking during the first 10 days!
Until you feel the time is ripe for a decision.
The infos, questions and your answers give you the right insight.
Which thoughts hinder you from quitting?
What can you learn from previous quitting attempts ?
Why are you calmer, less nervous and less prone to stress without nicotine?
What do you hate most about smoking?
What motivates you best?

20 additional days of total support
We help you to stay smoke free.
The best tricks to cope with withdrawal symptoms .
How to consciously avoid slips and relapses.
You get advice on how to keep your weight .
You train to cope with critical situations .
There are hypnosis download to gather strength.
Look at the program in detail.

A personalized APP - always there even when out and about!
An Android and I-phone APP is always with you.
Of course we have a money counter. But we offer more than other quit--smoking APPs!!
Transfer your personal targets from the Internet program to your personalized APP:
Why you want to quit, what bothers you most about smoking, what your strategy is when you have a slip and smoke a cigarette.
When you feel the desire to smoke, then you can immediately access your reasons to quit on the APP.

The hypnosis program
Hypnosis is one of the most successful strategies for quitting because it addresses directly your subconscious.
That is why we have integrated four hypnosis units in the program.

Book & Internet program
The 30 day program accompanies the bestseller:
I know you like to smoke...
...but you can quit now.

This bestseller has already been translated into 10 languages
and has helped thousands of smokers to quit.

Should I do the Internet program on its own or together with the book?
Both works!!

  • The 30-day-Internet-programm is a complete program for quitting smoking.
  • Internet program + book..
    Perhaps you are still undecided and want to get a clear idea if you really want to quit. You
    want to know more precisely why smoking causes stress and how nicotine causes mood
    swings. If you have seen through the nicotine trap once, then you can easily say goodbye
    to cigarettes without missing anything. In this case the combination of book + Internet is
    the right one for you.

We provide you with support for 30 days and do not leave you on your own after quitting!

Program participants recount their experiences
Send us a video on how you managed to quit. support@my30dayquitsmokingcoach.com